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Credit Card ceiling: What is the ceiling, limits and how to increase them.


Lately, credit cards have been getting incredible success. Anyone who owns a credit card seems to get above-average benefits and manages their savings optimally.

In addition, more and more financial institutions are granting credit cards with incredible features, sometimes even at zero cost, the only thing you need to do to get one is to open a bank account with them.

However, despite the many benefits of a credit or debit card, there are a few things you need to know about owning such a medium.

For example, one of the features that you must always keep in mind is the credit card ceiling. Not sure what a credit card ceiling represents? Don’t worry, all you have to do is keep reading this article!

In fact, below you will find all the information relating to the credit card ceiling, why it is a fundamentally important feature and what the developments of this function could be in the near future.

Credit Card Plafond: What is it and what does it represent?

Credit Card Plafond: What is it and what does it represent?

First, the first thing you will need to know is what the credit card ceiling represents. In a nutshell, so that you can better understand it in summary, the credit card plafond represents the limit of money that a credit or debit card has. The credit limit also indicates how much money a credit card can hold.

Of course, as you might have guessed, the Plafond is not a fixed value, but varies from credit card to credit card. This value is established by the bank or by the financial institution that issues the vehicle. Ultimately, the Plafond represents a condition of necessary importance for a credit card because in a certain sense it represents the value of the card.

The advice, therefore, is to always evaluate the ceiling of a credit or debit card, perhaps also relating it to personal credit needs, before deciding whether to obtain a credit card or not.

Different types of Plafond

The credit card ceiling can be defined according to different types. For example, the most common and also the most important ceiling is the annual ceiling. A credit card with a very high annual credit limit can be really useful if for example you love having your cash safe and not in your wallet.

By accumulating money on a credit card with a very high credit limit you can spend and top up without problems of any kind. Another credit card limit to consider is the daily one. In fact, the daily ceiling of a card implies the limit that you can top up in a single 24-hour day.

The daily Plafonds are usually very low and allow to carry out only financial transactions of a few hundred USD. Finally, some credit cards may also have monthly credit limits which are renewed during the use of each month. Once you pass the Plafond, your credit or debit card will be blocked and you will no longer be able to make financial transactions with this medium.

Y ou can increase the credit limit credit card: how?

Y ou can increase the credit limit credit card: how?

Despite the limits and limits imposed, some credit cards can increase this limit by carrying out some operations. Firstly, there are totally free credit cards that you can acquire only by providing your personal data to the financial institution that gives access to the card.

However, these cards can have extremely limited credit limits and their use is not suitable if you intend to carry out numerous financial transactions with the credit card you have just acquired. Therefore, there is the possibility of evolving your credit card, updating the card rate and exceptionally increasing the credit limit of the card.

Remember that the cost of a credit card varies according to your needs, since there are banks and other companies that offer different rates with more or less large Plafond.

In most cases, you can find credit cards with an annual fee that can be paid on a single date or be diluted over 12 months. In addition, cards with a higher ceiling sometimes also enjoy greater security and controls. This will allow you to be more confident about your monetary resources.

Speaking of security, it is always advisable for you to know what credit cards are with a very advantageous Plafond / protection ratio. Remember always and in any case that credit or debit cards belonging to the Visa and Mastercard circuit have plafonds which are, on the whole, reasonable also in a free version and enjoy protection above the standards.

What are the most common limits for credit cards?

You should know which are the most common limits used by credit cards of international importance, such as those mentioned above belonging to the Visa or Mastercard circuit.

Usually, for free cards, the most common limit is a credit card ceiling of around five thousand USD per year. This means that you will not be able to load these credit cards commonly, but you will have to sip the money to be deposited on this medium.

Then there are free cards that can also be used by minors. In that case the Plafond drops even further and touches the 2500 USD per year with a daily ceiling of about 250 USD.

When we talk about paid cards, the plafonds change radically. It starts from twenty-five thousand USD per year, up to touching very high figures that reach around one hundred thousand USD per year.

Of course, the average that can be used as a thermometer to determine whether a paid card has a good credit limit is sure to be fifty thousand USD per year. For the same annual ceiling, you must consider the other limits to understand which credit card suits you best!

Credit card ceiling: what are the advances for 2019?

There are some advances related to the credit card ceiling that should be known. In fact, in recent times there has been more and more talk of credit cards or paid debit cards with an unlimited credit limit, also available in Italy.

Of course, if on the one hand these cards represent a means that allows you to have absolute freedom on the other they greatly reduce the protection that you could have on personal monetary resources.

If someone would be able to infiltrate your personal account, with a credit card without credit limit their resources could be dried up immediately.

So, it is good that you consider this factor with extreme attention, especially if these cards were to present in the year 2019. Finally, it is also said that in 2019 there may be free cards with wider plafond.

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