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How to make payment through credit card?

It is a scene that was on the program in Good Finance German markets almost every day. Anyone who decided to buy one or the other technical device here and then pay at the checkout with their credit card had a problem.

The cashiers have probably heard the question more than once why payment by credit card is not possible. It almost seems like a farce. Shops in which customers leave several hundred USD for the devices decide against the option of paying by credit card. But this should now come to an end.

Customers should never again be at a loss or possibly


It decides against shopping because payment by credit card is not possible. From autumn 2015, wireless payment will now also be possible at Good Credit.

This includes not only pay with a credit card but also with a smartphone. NFC technology is slowly but surely conquering the German mobile communications market. Soon customers will only have to hold their smartphone to a station and pay in this way. This should now also become a reality for electronics stores and discounters.

The reason for this change is titled by the COO of Good Credit with the wish to naturally also offer the payment methods of the future as drivers of innovation, especially for new technical innovations.

That may sound a little amusing to many customers. After all, it took many years for the chain to finally follow suit and offer what has long been an everyday occurrence for many small and large retailers. There are currently 417 stores in Germany that are now being equipped with new payment devices. All of these devices also contain NFC technology.

Credit card and contactless payment – the payment methods of the future


A look at the frequency of the use of credit cards shows that German customers are very interested in being able to pay at Good Credit in this way.

The credit card is becoming one of the most popular means of payment on the German market. The small card owes this above all to the high-security standard but also to the options to provide liquidity at a point where there may not be any liquidity at the moment.

Payment by credit card should be possible


Payment by credit card should be possible with VISA and MasterCard cards. However, an important step into the future is above all the establishment of NFC technology.

The smartphone is very important for many users. It is no longer only used for making calls and writing messages. In the meantime, many people see the mobile phone as a helper in all situations, including as a means of payment.

The basis for this payment is also the credit card. The new NFC technology means that the amount for the payment is transferred to the credit card or directly to the user’s account.

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